At our Hot Yoga Studios, we are dedicated to Yoga as a fundamental way of life.

We aim to teach the most raw and authentic essense of Yoga, to the highest standard. The real Yoga.

We empower you to develop a regular yoga practice with us, so you can heal, transform and transcend as individuals in order to live a more purposeful and meaningful life.

Start your journey with us through our range of group sessions for full immersion and accelerated mastery.

Dharma yoga is based on Ahimsa

“All living beings fear violence.” ~ Sri Dharma Mittra

Dharma believes in, first of all, accepting your body.

Dharma’s foundation is Ahimsa, meaning non-violence. Whilst many believe Ahimsa is to do with the outside world it should firstly be cultivated within ourselves – by making sure we are strong, satisfy our needs, find our voice, and are able to express ourselves. It is important to treat our bodies with love, respect, compassion and sympathy. The first step is to shift our mindset to non-violent thoughts.

Shri Dharma Mittra believes as we commence our journey and begin to see ourselves in all things, you wont do harm to anyone or anything, as you see everything around you as yourself  — having Ahimsa and compassion for all things.

Yoga is great for relaxation, enhanced flexibility and detoxifying the body and mind


Our classes focus on relaxation to bring inner peace and bliss.

A slow pace of class is perfect for those with a hectic lifestyles who want to relax or those who suffer with stress and anxiety.

Our classes are suitable for all levels and beginners.


Our classes offer a moderate pace, incorporating expressive movements, and breathing techniques that invoke a “letting go” feeling.

These exercises increase flexibility, mobility, core body and back strength.

Suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioner’s.

Detoxification of the body and mind

Our Hot Yoga and Advanced Yoga Classes are designed to get the heart racing and the sweat dripping.

Join our advanced lessons to and surpass your limitations.

Suitable for intermediate and seasoned practitioners.

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Dharma Yoga Academy App

The Dharma Yoga Academy app is now available on Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store free of charge.

Our app will allow you to book Yoga Classes through your device and check in to the studio automatically via the app and our reception kiosk.

Please give the app a try and give us your feedback.

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