About our Studio

At our purpose-built studio you will always be welcomed and greeted with a warm smile. We have designed our studio to enhance your experience.


In the reception area you’ll be able to ‘check in’ to your class whilst enjoying the atmospheric music and relaxing aromas, collect your rental equipment if required. Remember no shoes to be worn in the studio, so please leave them in your locker or the shoe rack in reception. After your class you’ll be able to enjoy a beverage from water to a herbal tea.

Changing Rooms

Women and men’s changing rooms are provided each with, lockers, showers and a vanity area. Toilets are available in communal area outside reception.

The Studio

The heating of our studio is twofold, a versatile bespoke primary heating and humidification system controls the heating, humidity, fresh air, air filtration and air movement; Providing temperate air ranging from ambient to 40 oC, this is combined with a studio humidification system providing a relative humidity at a stable and very comfortable 40% relative humidity. To supplement the primary heating system and to encourage a healthy metabolism we have also installed infrared heaters facilitating a very natural, therapeutic heat, which we are very good at absorbing, as the infrared rays directly permeate the human body providing several diverse health benefits;

  • Increased Flexibility – infrared heat directly warms your body allowing the muscles to open up, a giving a greater and improving range of motion through a yoga class.
  • Increased Circulation – by opening up the body’s capillaries, infrared heat helps stimulate blood flow, which help, reduce blood pressure, oxgenate the blood and organs as well as helping you detoxify
  • Boosting Our Immune System – infrared heating activates a natural increase in our white blood cells hence increasing our immune system resistance.
  • Heart Wellbeing – research has shown with combined benefits of infrared heat and the subsequent easing of blood flow around the body our cardiovascular system health is improved.
  • Weight Loss – as well as the huge weight loss benefits of hot yoga exercise Infrared heat helps to increase the body’s metabolism enabling you to burn more calories.
  • Pain Relief – as the heat of the studio penetrates your body’s tissue, joints, and muscles it helps to relieve anything from minor aches and pains to chronic pain conditions.